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At Formulas HQ, we’ve harnessed the brilliance of AI to turbocharge your Spreadsheet mastery. Work smarter, not harder, with AI-powered Excel formula generation.

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Powerful tools

We believe in empowering you with tools that simplify the complex. Whether you’re diving into Excel formulas, Google Sheets formulas, or need a little Python help, we’re your trusty companion. Let’s make your spreadsheets smarter, your code cleaner, and your business decisions sharper.

Your formula for success

Formulas HQ equips you with the intelligence needed to outperform your competition. From effortlessly crafting formulas and regular expressions to automating repetitive tasks and uncovering valuable insights from your data, we help you reach your business goals faster.

AI-powered Excel Formula Generator & Much More!

Create and read Python code with AI

Python Code Generator


Experience the power of Python – unlock data analysis, automation, and advanced programming.

Generate Excel Formulas with AI

Excel Formula Generator

Master Excel and Google Sheets – generate formulas with a click and focus on the analysis.

Generate Regular Expressions or Regex with AI

Regular Expressions Generator

Simplify complex text patterns with our Regular Expression tool, powerful pattern matching and data extraction.

VBA & Apps Script

VBA & Apps Script Generator

Effortlessly automate tasks and enhance Excel’s capabilities with VBA integration, even if you’re not a programming expert.


ChatGPT at a 1/3 the price

Enhance your productivity with Chat-GPT messaging – immediate assistance to help generate ideas.

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Connect globally with language support, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness in your preferred language.

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Python beta

  • Cleaner data analysis
  • Complex and customized scripts better than Excel’s built-in VBA.
  • Libraries: matplotlib, NumPy, pandas, seaborn, statsmodels, astropy, beautifylsoup4, imbalanced-learn, ipython, genism, networkx, pillow, pytables, pytorch, pywavelets, scikit-learn, scipy, snowballstemmer, sympy, & tabulate.
Python beta
Excel & Google Sheets Formulas

Excel & Google Sheets Formulas

  • Generate & explain complex Excel & Google Sheets formulas
  • Formulas HQ is easy to use and accessible for everyone.
  • Financial modeling, data cleansing & transformation, statistical analysis, inventory & supply chain management, forecasting, and so much more!

Quickly generate and explain Regular Expressions

  • Efficient data validation, data cleaning, & reduced manual work!
  • Generative AI solves creates complex regular expressions in a matter of seconds!
Quickly generate and explain Regular Expressions
VBA & Apps Script generator and explainer

VBA & Apps Script generator and explainer

  • No previous programming skills required!
  • Automation, data manipulation, and extended functionality.
  • Generate complex code or get detailed explanations!

Chat GPT messaging with System Prompts

  • System prompts ensure concise guidance, reducing the chance of misinterpretation.
  • Choose from over 20 prompts or create your own!
  • Using system prompts can lead to more accurate and reliable results, which can in turn improve decision-making and business outcomes.
Chat GPT messaging with System Prompts
Supports multiple languages

Supports multiple languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Hindi


Choose the plan that fits your needs

Formula Pro

Great for a one off project. Come back anytime. Always unlimited.

$599per month
  • Unlimited formula generations
  • Unlimited VBA / Scripts requests
  • Unlimited regular expressions
  • Notes notifications
  • Chat GPT-4 messaging


Free forever. Perfect for those using a few requests per month.

$0per month
  • 5 generation per month
  • VBA / Scripts requests
  • Regular expressions

Are you a non-profit or an educational institution? We offer discounts; just contact us at hello [at] formulashq.com.

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A Must-Have for Accountants
This app has made my job so much easier. The Excel formula generator, VBA code generator, and regex generator are incredibly accurate, and the chat features are great for brain storming and getting quick answers.
Cynthia G., Accounting Manager
I work for an international travel agency and oversee customer service, needless to say, we use Google Sheets & Excel daily, too much!

Sorting fields and optimizing our Google Sheets flight tracker with Apps Script has saved us so much time. I am so thankful I found Lollib!

Cambria C., Operation Manager
Perfect for me
I like to double check my accountant and Sales Manager. I own a solar company in San Diego with 75 employees, and I just didn’t have the time to learn Excel, especially VBA.

The chat helps with todo lists and business strategy. We use it to generate copy for outbound sales campaigns.

Soley A., Small Business Owner
Cheat code for getting through my day
Besides speeding up my day the most useful component is the chat feature. I used to use ChatGPT daily, and it was a life saver for mundane tasks like email.

That said, the “System Prompts” in Lollib is like having chatGPT on steroids. Subtle nuances that just aren’t available with out of the box ChatGPT.

Chris V., Director of Finance
Formulas HQ is great!
I work for an old school distribution company and we have some pretty complicated excel sheets. The VBA code generator has not only made me look good to my boss, it helps me understand how we came to understand the data that is vital to our operation.
Michael A., Inventory Manager
Can’t say enough good things
One of the key benefits of this tool is the speed at which it allows me to complete my work. Previously, I would spend hours manually writing complex formulas and verifying their accuracy.

Now, I can easily and quickly create advanced formulas with a few clicks of a button, allowing me to complete my work in a fraction of the time.

The simplified and refined formulas that I create using Lollib has impressed my boss and improved my credibility within my organization.

Jamal Q., Business Analyst

Need a little personal help?


That’s right! If you only need a few formula requests monthly, this is the perfect plan for you. Why? It’s free!

Yes! Our best-performing language outputs are as follows: English, Spanish, French, Turkish & Hindi. Check out the YouTube video below for a review of FormulasHQ in Turkish.

YouTube Review

Occasionally, our AI will respond with an incorrectly formatted response. We have done our best to fine-tune OpenAI’s Large Language Model and encourage our users to test the formula before putting it into production.

Never! Your data is as safe as we can make it, and we will never sell your data.

Of course! Canceling is as simple as going to your account page.

You will still have pro access until the monthly billing cycle has finished.

We aim to make Formulas HQ as user-friendly as possible!

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